BDA Council 5-48

BDA Council 3-48

Caxton Hall London WC1 prior to AGM

Present: Mr Ferguson (Chair). Miss Savary, Miss Cross. Miss Fisher, Miss Thornton, Mr R E Raab, Mr E Deer

Apologies: Mrs Murray Usher, Lady MacKinnon, Mr PH Thomas, Mr HGC Maude, Rolf Gardiner, 

  • Arising: Mr Raab objected to previous minuted phrase ‘that present organic research knowledge did not justify the B-DA affiliating with the Soil Association or similar body at the present time,” on the grounds that it was ambiguous. Mr Ferguson clarified that this was insufficient knowledge and understanding of BD methods and aims in the SA. Miss Cross pointed out that sewage was used at Haughley. Mr Raab agreed and reported about meeting Lady Balfour at Welwyn Garden City re communal compost heaps. There, practically no one was in favour of using humanure. However Lady Eve would warmly welcome a BD input to Haughley offering an acre of good land gratis including accommodation for the person in charge and some input to the work. Miss Cross pointed out that Dr Pfeiffer opined that the time was premature  for affiliation with the SA. She circulated his statement showing how the BD work stands at Rothampstead Research Station. Miss Cross spoke of the necessity for further research in the effects of the BD preparations and the whole question of farming and gardening, thereby being in a position to preserve our own identity in the instance of merger. She thought 1 acre was far too small for a satisfactory experiment. She said, “practical politics kills the suggestion of a plot.” Mr Ferguson said, “The work as indicated by Dr Steiner should be a concentrated effort and that though members of the BDA do not pledge themselves to Anthroposophy they nevertheless are anxious to acquire the results of its teaching.”
  • Ilkeston wanted the assistance of the BDA as a reputable applicant to the Ministry of Agriculture, in getting Mr Biermann back form Germany. Miss Savoury suggested a contact as did Mr Ferguson.
  • 4 new applications for membership and accepted