BDA Council 3-48

BDA Council 3-48

105 Great Russel St London WC1

Present: Mr Ferguson (Chair). Miss Cross. Miss Fisher, Miss Thornton, Mr E Deer, – Miss Savary & Mr PH Thomas as co-opted members

Apologies: Mrs Murray Usher, Lady MacKinnon, Mr HGC Maude (co-optee), Rolf Gardiner, Mr R E Raab

Arising: Appointments of Mr Dur as Hon Treasurer and Mrs K Thornton as Hon Secretary were confirmed thanks to Miss Fishers initiative.

  • Dr Pfeiffer’s letter re affiliation of the BDA with the Soil Association. A full expression of views it was unanimously agreed ‘that present organic research knowledge did not justify the B-DA affiliating with the Soil Association or similar body at the present time.” but SA members were welcome to the BDA meetings. A letter from Mr Raab was read – favouring affiliation with the SA. With Lady Balfour’s consent there could be a BDA section incorporated at Haughley.
  • Mr Thomas willing to keep making the preparations.
  • Group committees to be discussed at the AGM (May 19, 20 or 21.) Possible speakers:- Mr Knight and Mr Lupton. Mr Ernst Lehrs should be asked to give a talk, Miss Cross to invite. Mr Thomas to report on his advisory visits.
  • In view of the financial position of the Association some remedial suggestions made: money to be sent with orders for preps and literature, separate account for preparations, membership increase to £1 (active membership) and 15/- for (associate membership) – approved. This and membership due at a specific time of year to be put at the AGM. Should people pay in proportion to their land?
  • Publication accounts mentioned. Newssheet with the printers.
  • 11 new memberships approved (7 active, 4 associate).
  • Change of address of secretary to be made known