BDA Council 4-49

BDA Council 3-48

105 Great Russel Street London WC1

Present: Rolf Gardiner(Chair), Mr R E Raab,  Miss Cross. Miss Fisher,Miss Savoury, Hon Secretary adn Hon treasurer (the latter only temporarily)

Apologies: Mr HGC Maude, Mr Thomas (hospital)

  • Arising: Mr Daw to be asked to stay on a while as Treasurer; Arriving later he agreed. No response from Mrs Mann.
  • Dr Wachsmuth’s report on the agricultural conference was translated and read by Mr Raab. In the second part he suggested a merger with the AAF would be of much benefit to the movement. This was discussed and the general opinion expressed was that the time was not ripe for a comfortable merger.
  • AGM: – Miss Cross had no confirmation from Dr Pfeiffer of coming to the UK a cable would be sent saying: “BDA anxious to know if you could come to Europe in Mid-June. kindly reply stating arrangements desired.” If no Dr Pfeiffer couldn’t come askDr S Marion of Exeter to lecture on his humus research. mRs Murray Usher and Mr Thomas to be asked to talk on the same subject.
  • Miss Cross thanked Mr Gardiner for his article Forestry and Famine and asked permission to publish. Of course. She also has Dr Pfeiffer’s permission to make a UK edition of Weeds and What they tell. Publish ASAP!
  • High Quarry will have to close since Lady MacKinnon cannot make the preparations any longer. Other arrangements necessary. Farmers ideally would make their own. Mr Gardiner would make 500 horns.
  • Miss Savoury mentioned an adverse review of Agriculture of Tomorrow in the Scottish Ministry of Agriculture’s Journal, also critical of Dr Steiner’s work in general. This should bot be permitted! and a protest should be lodged – Miss Cross to take this on.
  • Application for an Australian for membership accepted.