BDA Council 1-49

BDA Council 3-48

105 Great Russel Street London WC1

Present: Mr PH Thomas, Miss Savary, Miss Cross. Miss Fisher, Miss Thornton, Mr R E Raab, 

Apologies: Mr HGC Maude, Mr E Deer

  • Arising: Mr Thornton had met Miss Castelliz who passed on an invitation from Dr Wachsmuth for a member of the Council to attend the agricultural conference in Dornach in February. No one could! Letter to Dr Wachsmuth saying thanks. Future News sheets to go to Dr Wachsmuth and the secretaries of the BDAs of Holland Stuttgart and Italy
  • Miss Castelliz to be an honorary member of the association
  • Some rule tinkering since DR Pfeiffer would prefer an English person to be president.
  • Mr Deer’s resignation as Treasurer due to unforeseen circumstances in business and at home. Regrest all around. Miss Cross would ask Mrs Clement of Hoddesden whether she could take over the role
  • Bio-dynamic Cultivations. Council to ask its member Mrs Mann what her intentions were for this company