BDA Council 4-40i

BDA Council 4/1940

25 Hereford Square, London SW7 by kind permission of W Collison (Co-opted)

Mr Collison (Chairman), Mr G Bacchus, Miss Cross and Lady Mackinnon

  • To pass the Memorandum of The Bio-Dynamic Association Trust Ltd – a holding body for the Association
  • To sign the Memorandum
  • TO finalise arrangements for the AGM 20-4-1940 14:30 at The Tudor Room, Caxton Hotel
  • AOB

It has become apparent that the BDA needs to assume a legal status. Lady Mackinnon consulted Messrs Fordam and Son of 116 Chancery Lane WC2. Some points need elucidation to Miss Cross and Lady Mackinnon would liaise and report back. Signing postponed.

Dr Pfeiffer could not come to the AGM because he could not get a French transit visa.

Proposed that Dr Pfeiffer and H Popplebaum be honorary members and that Dr Pfeiffer become the official advisor to the Association. Unanimous.

Meeting terminated at 12:15

Note: Dr Pfeiffer’s remuneration in future visits was discussed. Tentatively this scale was proposed:

  • Travel to/from Dornach and London hotel fees at Associations expense
  • Travel expenses thereafter by local centres if visits at their invitation
  • Minimum 2 guineas per public lecture
  • I guinea per day or per visit to be paid by those responsible for the visits