BDA Council 11-50

BDA Council 11-49

105 Great Russel Street London WC1

Present: Miss Savoury (Chair), Mr Raab, Hon Secretary 

Apologies: Mr Gardiner, Misters Maude and Thomas, Miss Cross 

  • Arising: It was pointed out that two other meetings had been held this year re Dr Pfeiffer’s visit but not minuted here as they were combined minutes with the Soil Association. £60 honorarium to be given to Dr Pfeiffer via Dr Lehrs at Hawkwood College, Stroud, Gloucestershire
  • 4 new members & 8 resignations
  • Miss Castelliz wrote to Mr Raab offering crystallisation tests of the BD preps. Agreed to be necessary. It was hoped that in the event of the union of the BDA and the AAF that a satisfactory arrangement with Miss Castelliz might be made. Miss Thornton has a full set of preparations 500 – 507 tested and had received a satisfactory report.
  • Mr Gardiner draft letter with reference to the re-organisation of the biodynamic movement on te lines suggested by Dr Pfeiffer was fully considered but acceptance of it for distribution to the membership was not approved of.
  • Miss Thornton read a letter for Mr Gardiner in which he tendered his resignation as Chairman. Mr Raab agreed to write to him on behalf of the Council. Reference was made to the Hon Secretary’s letter of October 23rd and the negotiation between the Councils of this organisations and that of the AAF so far as they have gone were confirmed.
  • The Hon Secretary reported the the revised reports of Dr Pfeiffers lecture sin London had been received form Dr P with a request that the AGM report and that of the afternoon address be circulated to members only and should NOT be printed in the News Sheet which goes to a wider public.
  • Concsent was given to the Hon Secretary to send the reports out with an accompanying letter and the AAFs Councils invitation to their AGM should be accepted.
  • Miss Thornton reminded the meeting of the AAF’s invitation to a join meeting on 10-12-1950 at 10am. Miss Savoury got consent to co-opt Mr JHJ Jaffree to the council for that meeting and thereafter.