AAF report 1950

Outstanding moment – the visit of Dr Pfeiffer at the invitation of the BDA. He helped many members and many many heard him speak in the brief visit a miles tone in our history.

Most significant result: discussion began between your council and the council of the BDA with the object of uniting. Good will on both sides and optimism.May our common work incarnate with new strength and purpose in our 21st year. 30 letters approving of these steps.

Dr Remer’s visit never happened. Dr Popplebaum did come win the autumn and gave great lectures to the Experimental O on zoology which will be available soon in our Study Material series.

Unexpectedly Countess Keyserlingk visited. She has stayed at Clent and hope you will meet her. Her “12 days with Rudolf Steiner” is vivd and charming as she is.

Beekeepers weekend at Clent.

Experimental O was at Harrogate at the end of April.

June 4th – Dr Meir, M Wood and self gave lectures at RS House onpractical anthroposophy.

A very busy secretary again – agricultural conferences in Stuttgart and Dornach and SA luncheons in Birmingham and the Men of the Tress in London. The Hague in July. Also published “An Introduction to the Study of the Stars pt 1” in the ‘Study Material’ series.

2 issues of N&C courtesy of Mrs Davy including illustrations – and more expense.