Michael Hall School, Forest Row, E Sussex

Alan Brockman: Chair and 29 others

Hosted by Julian Pyzer: Map of BD holdings.

Chair’s report: Jimmy Anderson reported on HRH Prince Charles opening the Sustainable Farming systems initiative at the College of Agriculture in Edinburgh who spoke of the artistic qualities needed to be a successful farmer in addition to scientific knowhow. One of the two stalls was BD. Cautious pioneering!

Great reduction in printing and distribution of Newsheet since done in house this year.

Treasurer: extremely important to increase average this year. Tara Mark is £3200 plus £4400 renewal every 9 years – and that’s this year.

Elected: Joan Brinch, Roger Finningan, and Richard Thornton Smith.

“Audit” – to identify and prioritise the different aspect and roles of the BDAA. 1 – provision of the preparation, 2 – development of local group activities, 3 – nature of membership and links to fellow travellers. Perhaps we need a way to talk of what we are doing and why to neighbours and newcomers. More emphasis on the environment?