ExpO N&C

  • Experimental Circle Conference 22 October 1993
  • Letter from the Chair
  • Earthly and Cosmic Forces – and nutrition stream

We take the dandelion, this messenger from the heaven as Rudolf Steiner calls it and put it into a mesentery this shines membrane which normally holds the intestines. So, the dandelion are where the inten have been. Not literally. but effectively. We find the intestines side side with the mesentry, even touching. The physical expression of both the Cosmic and the Earthly nutrition stream

Dr. Koenig lectured on this subject in 1957 and he explained what the intestines really are. They are a tube, running through the organism starting at the mouth and going right through to the anus. tube which is like a foreign body, belonging to the outside world. Comes from outside and goes outside again. The intestinal canal is taken into the body by invagination at a early stage of embrionic development. Almost like thought by the creative powers.

The mesentry and the peritoneum however belong to the organism. The mesentry is a enveloping organ, created by cosmic influences as a sheath through which cosmic forces can work. The echinoderms were the first creatures possessing a mesentry. The starfish for instance has this sheath inside its hard shell. Cosmic forces are recieved by it and stream towards the centre. The development goes from the periphery towards the centre.

Intestines and mesentry. How did it happen that we carry this duality within us?

When we (or Adam and Eve) were still in Paradise, there was no need for any organs. We were in hte lap of the Gods. Looked after. There was no physical outside world, so no sence organs were necessary to perceive it. No food was necesssary either. The lion did not need to eat the lamb. So they could lie side by side.

Man, as the intended tenth hirarchy, develo@ed in s ongoing stre So sence organs were potentially there, undeveloped and undirrerentiated. it could have gone on. But in Paradise there grew the Tree of knowledge. And they ate thereof and their eyes were opened. The fall brought us deeper into matter than was intended. And a line was drawn higher sences, eyes ect and the lower ones, mouth (tas telect. The mouth should have been a third eye, but now there came the great devide between sense perception and digestion or the cosmic snd the earthly nutrition stream. Here the intestine came into being. Foodstuff taken in goes into the stomach and hence into the intestines. Very little of it goes through the intestinal wall into the lymph and then to the brain(salts). The activity of breaking down the foodstuff gives us energy so that we can build up our body from what comes via the cosmic nutrition stream. Our body is not built from that which we eat, but from what we receive through our senses. All this goes to the pituity gland and then down the ladder of the other endocrine lands. think it follows the steps of world evolution from warmth to an atry condition, then a liquid one and finally it comes to a solid state in the lymph system, sheathed by the mes entry and its cosmic forces.

Why then do the intestines convay earthly forces in spite of the fact that they are surrounded by mesentry and peritoneum. when the dandelion is blessed by Cosmic forces when inside the mesentry. This bother -ed me until I remembered the lectures on Mystery centres and Mystery knowledge.

Silica rained down to the earth and became like eyes for the earth, for it to behold the cosmos.Calcium(lime) rained down, rose again as mist, and went on doing this and finally was snatched away from the cosmos by the earth and infiltrated the existing cartilage to become the bones or animals. Now I thought I could see how the cosmic forces in the mesentry could be snatched away and put into service to calcium by the earthly intestines.