Agroecology: The Scientific Basis Of Alternative Agriculture

By Miguel A Altieri, Richard B. Norgaard · 1987
The purpose of this book is to provide a simple synthesis of the research on novel agroecosystems and technologies and an analysis of ecologically based farms, for the purpose of establishing the scientific basis of alternative agriculture.  This book is an urgent call to all students of agirculture to seriously look at and learn from the numerous success storeis of farmers that have managed their farms in a healthy and sustainable manner.
  • The evolution of agroecological thought
  • The epistemological basis of agroecology
  • The agroecosystem: determinants, resources and processes
  • Generating sustainable technologies
  • Designing sustainable agroecosystems
  • Traditional agriculture
  • Ecologically based agricultural development programs
  • Organic farming in North America
  • Polyculture cropping systems
  • Cover cropping and mulching
  • Crop rotation and minimum tillage
  • Agroforestry systems
  • Pest management
  • Weed ecology
  • Plant disease ecology and management
  • Toward sustainable agriculture