AAF report 1949

Outstanding moment = visit of Miss Erika Riese from the Goetheanum – visited 20 members and their gardens and helped everyone. Ended at RS house on 16 July with an exhibition and discussion of the preparations – a very well attended meeting. Dr Remer could not get a passport in time to be here about this time – perhaps n 1950.

September 10th a sale of produce – a creditable exhibition and some profit. Reminiscent of Mrs Peases’s exhibitions at RS house before the War. Mrs Meir had a series of Study Weekends concerning cooking – and pictorial version in Notes and Correspondence with images.

Experimental O had two meetings this year. May in Swanage (Mr ¬†Wood’s birds – Man and the Feathered World) and Annual conference at Clent in October.

Goethean Science foundation had tow publications. ‘The Living Plant and the Science of Physical and Ethereal Spaces” – Adams and Whicher and ‘What is Colour?” by Michael Wilson.

A great outcry at the hiatus in N&C so Mr Nicholls volunteered to produce an issue. Did most and then got ill. Mrs Doris Davy has consented to be the editor – a perfect candidate.

Lending library is busy – about 50 items this year

5 council meetings this year. Membership is now 365 after crossing off lapsed fellows

Dr Meir talking around the country again and 20 consultations. Also at Dornach and at the first meeting post war of the General Experimental Circle. Also went to the Weleda factory to see the latest veterinary developments.

2000 letters have left the office this year from our indefatigable Secretary – Dr Meir.

Mrs Brocklebank balanced out budget! I look forward to our December 10th AGM