AAF – 13th AGM

Annual Report from Clent Cottage by David Clement: Death of Commander Brocklebank in February so new place needed after the great luxury of Longbridge House. Distress and anxiety but Clent Cottage by June – in every way ideal – many thanks to Michael Wilson.  Marna Pease died and that’s the end of an 18 year phase. Carl Meir’s obituary shows just what we owe Marna Pease.

6 issues of the secretary’s letter plus three issues of Notes and Correspondence. Lots of correspondence and good connections to the Soil Association. Revised edition of “Instructions for the Making of Compost Heaps and the Use of the Preparations Indicated by Rudolf Steiner for the Treatment of Soil and Plants.”, leaflets for enquirers and “Notes on Fruit Culture,” the last two in conjunction with the BDAA.

Out lending library is very popular. a good collection courtesy of Mrs Pease.

Dr Meir lectures in Holland, Aylesbury, Birmingham, Bristol, Marston green, Sheffield and Torquay. 12 July meeting re compost at Steiner House with samples and activators.

Ideal to be next to the guesthouse and have the excellent gardens and exemplary compost yard of Sunfield Children’s House and Broome farm.

Regular weekly meetings to study the Agriculture Course as elsewhere in the country – eg Mrs Brocklebank at Forest Row.

The Experimental O has had 6 meetings and its annual conference at Clent in October, and at `easter a joint meeting with the science centre at RS house, Dr Mier takes part in the meeting of the Goetheanum Science Foundation which Michael Wilson adn George Adams have formed in the Home Farm at Clent Grove. Emerging has been a Seed Club on the efforts of Mrs Sylvia Anscombe.

The Council has met 7 times since the AGM.

Finances are tight – £106 lost this year but we had amounts in hand leaving us £186. We will meet 4 times a year now to save travel expenses.

356 members. Deeds of Covenants please! Subscription is the same as in 1931.

Kathleen Brocklebank. has taken on being Hon Treasurer.

In the coming year a focus will be study group and local groups around the country.

Dr Meir works until the early hours of the morning day in and out. We need secretarial assistance for the routine tasks.