BDA Council 11-47

BDA Council 11/1947

West Quarry, Crockham Hill, Edenbridge, Kent

Miss Cross, Miss Fisher and Mr Ferguson (Chair) Lady MacKinnon, Mrs Murray-Usher, Mr Rolf Gardiner

Apologies – Mr Maude (ill)

  • Matters arising: Protection of preparations to remain in abeyance, Dr Pfeiffer’s research fund also. 7Th AGM was hello on May 13th – a report was in the News sheet. Lord Northbourne had reviewed Soil Fertility for Mother Earth and Mr Gardiner regretted that his weekend had not been possible.
  • Lady MacKinnon submitted a letter of resignation as treasurer and secretary. Council must accept and she was thanked profusely. Perhaps she could become vice-president? Unanimously approved. Lady MacKinnon accepted.
  • Miss Fishers resignation as acting secretary accepted from the end of the year and coopted until the AGM.
  • Mra Murray Usher to ask Mr Praab Sar to see if his son could be Secretary.
  • Miss Hilda Burton of the Priory approached to be the new treasurer and she had accepted.
  • Miss Cross finding difficulties in leaving the Priory to the BDA
  • Mrs Murray Usher spoke strongly of putting our house in order before considering amalgamation with any other association. She did not approve of affiliation with the Soil Association but it might be possible, later on, with the AAF. There must be a very deep spiritual feeling in the work of the Bio-dynamic Association. Mr Gardiner wanted to avoid difficulties and would have like to consider some form of affiliation with the Soil Association which was a powerful body with a strong financial backing and in which the Bio-dynamic Association was well represented. Miss Cross gave short account of the forming of the BDA and the AAF and said that she felt the SA was too ‘exterior’ a body to make a suitable home for those who were really trying to carry out the methods indicated by Rudolf Steiner. Mrs Murray Usher said that she saw the advantages from a practical point of view of working with the SA but let that there was a Sanger that the other side of the work – the spiritual – might be swamped. After some discussion it was decided that the present time was not suitable to consider any form of amalgamation or affiliation.
  • Miss Savary, Mr Praab Sur and MR Philip Thomas to be asked to be co-opted to the council
  • Special general meeting requested at the 7th AGN should not yet be called
  • Correspondance: lack of information re BD. 
  • Training to make preparations considered and approved. Ask Mr Thomas and Mrs Dodsworth about his
  • Miss Cross reposted that the quality of cows horns had changed and she was asked to write to Dr PFeiffer about this and about what plants could be used in other parts of the world where those now used do not grow.
  • Group committees around the country?
  • Miss Cross reported on the BD exhibit at the Chelsea Flower Show on the Soil Association stand and thought had not be of much use.
  • Mr Gardiner consented to his report on his tour of Sth Africa to be published in the News sheet.
  • Bank balance of £112-3-11
  • AOB: Mr Hampton’s scheme for an experimental farm was noted and held in abeyance. Members arrears