Walter Johannes Stein

1891 - 1957

Walter Johannes Stein (6 February 1891, in Vienna – 7 July 1957, in London) was an Austrian philosopher, Waldorf school teacher, Grail researcher, and one of the pioneers of anthroposophy.

After the First World War, Stein assisted Steiner in promoting Social Threefolding. When it became apparent in 1919 that these efforts were not going to succeed, Steiner asked Stein to teach history and German literature at the first Waldorf School in Stuttgart. It was as part of this work that Stein began his research on the Grail, which culminated in 1928 with his book The Ninth Century and the Holy Grail. In this work, he attempted to identify historical people and events represented in the Grail epic and to interpret Parzival as an esoteric document representing the human path of inner development. Stein also wrote various articles on these themes.

Stein moved to London in 1933, at the invitation of the theosophist-turned-anthroposophist Daniel Nicol Dunlop.

Stein has some lovely gossip surrounding him. Wikipedia says, “Stein is one of the chief characters in Trevor Ravenscroft’s books The Spear of Destiny and The Cup of Destiny. Though Ravenscroft claimed that he had been a pupil of Stein’s, investigative reporter Eric Wynants discovered the Stein/Ravenscroft connection was a complete fabrication while interviewing Ravenscroft for an article in 1982. – According to Wynants, Ravenscroft admitted during their interview that he had never actually met W.J. Stein, but “talked to him only via a medium”. Alec Macellan, The Secret of the Spear – The Mystery of The Spear of Longinus p.116.