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“The experiment of Herr Pfeiffer about the influence of the quality of the water upon the growth of plants will set some of you thinking.” – Hydrogen the liberating force, Oxygen for life – “Liberating Life” – H2O. 9 waters tested by growing 60 wheat grains in soil and irrigating with i – distilled water, ii – water boiled on coal, iii- water boiled on gas, iv – water boiled on an electric fire, v – water boiled on wood, vi – tap water, vii – rain water, viii – water and cow manure (100:1), ix – water and human urine (100:1) – all at room temperature. Both electrically heated and human urine grew smaller plants than the distilled water. This experiment shows that not only the chemical analysis is important for the effect of the water upon plants, but that the processes are essential which the water had passed beforehand… such experiments lead us from a material and quantitative conception to a potential and qualitative one…

Our laboratory here is started out of the initiative of Mrs Pease and Mrs Merry and George Kaufman supported us by letting us a balance and several books.”

I was able to visit the Royal Agricultural Show in Harrogate and in connection therewith we had a little meeting at Huby. The visit was very interesting one and one could learn something about English agriculture, although not always in the positive direction. Compared with continental shows the small stands of the chemical industry were remarkable. This fact is very hopeful one and ought to stimulate all our efforts. There are still great possibilities in English agriculture and it would be a shame if we ate some years sowed be obliged to state, that we did not make sufficient use of all the chances we had. We ought to double our efforts, the members of the Circle by studying the Koberwtiz course and learning its application, the members of the Foundation by supporting our work however, everybody can forming therewith the badly wanted spiritual background.”

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“A practical Introduction to the Application of the Biological-dynamic methods.”