ExpO N&C

Autumn conference at Ringwood 28-30th October

Theme: Presentation of the Biodynamic work to the members of the AS in GB in particular and society at large in general. Similar to the Dornach theme. Ideas to Henry, along side seed breeding ideas and Maria Thun’s work. Unrelated issues can also be used.

Circle members also met Dr Klett this May in Canterbury: – The Experimental Circle is the heart for the whole BDAA. ~The BDAA itself could best work through regional committees which focus will forces and generate finances  for the whole work. Training: one person would be asked to build up the BD training in a 3-year curriculum, 2 week course at Emerson, accommodation at farms for apprentices. Farms should transform practical knowledge in teaching so apprentices should study for themselves. Our present filedsman should be full time and have a trainee. Broome Farm appeal: focus on specific needs and the money will come. Appeal funds to be used within 3 years. Needs and intentions of the BDA should go to the Brroome Farm supporters. Demeter standards must be developed by the Experimental Circle … BD preparations are not for commerce – only handling costs.

Georg Wilhelm Schmidt – 40 years of seed development at Turingen on 250 Ha mixed farm and now on 125 Ha in Rittershain Cornberg, Hessan. Eg winter Rye work began in 1947

                       1947                       1965

STALK     1m                       2- 2.5m

EAR.      4-8cm                  20 -22cm

LAYERS in ear.   18 (10).         31 -36 (4 grains per layer)


1969 – tree regeneration was started. International cooperation. Working with rice and millet in India