Lilly Kolisko tours Far East

November 1938

Modern Mystic Dec 1938

Readers who enjoyed Mrs. Kolisko’s articles on Moon and Plant Growth and the results of her experiments with the effects of the planets on metals, will probably be glad to know that large audiences are appreciating her lectures in India. Mrs. Kolisko went first to Cochin, and gave several lectures in various parts of Travancore, the most southern province of India. During Christmas she was in Calcutta where she attended a science congress and met the Baron Von Veltheim, whose name is familiar to those who have read Rom Landau’s God is My Adventure. Mrs. Kolisko was invited by Dr. Mukerjee, President of the Indian Homoeopathic Society, to give lectures to homoeopathic and general practitioners. She has created the utmost interest among her audiences in her experiments with the effect of the moon on plants and the planets on metals, – effects well enough known to students of the old Indian wisdom. Our contributor next visited Rabindranath Tagore, the world-famous Indian poet and mystic in his school. Mrs. Kolisko’s lecture tour will be extended to Madras, Bombay, Java and the Dutch Indies. We hope in the near future to publish extracts from her letters.

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