Kolisko’s emigrate

Kolisko's emigrate

Eugen and Lilly Kolisko leave Switzerland and set up home and laboratory in Bray near Maidenhead. “…conditions abroad make persuit of this work increasingly difficult.”

Another site says: “Due to extreme disagreements between her and her husband on the one side and certain influential members of the Anthroposophic Society on the other side both her and her husband Eugene (who was a much respected anthroposophic doctor and school physician to the Stuttgart Waldorf School) decided to leave Germany and resettled in England in the 1930s. Soon thereafter Eugene died of a heart attack. Lilly lived in extreme poverty. At one point apparently she was earning a living by sewing purses. It is amazing that nevertheless during this whole time she continued her germination potency work as well as very significant research experiments on anthroposophic paper chromatography. In these last mentioned experiments she repeatedly showed that one was able to demonstrate the effect of star constellations on metals and other substances.”