Kendal Conference

Held at Plumgaths on the invitation of Mrs R B Somervell.

Maurice Wood gives a talk called ‘The Physical Body of the Earth” – now transcribed [2021] from papers at the BDA office dated 5 May 1955

G Adams talked of the work of the hierarchies in forming earthly substances. 

Visit to the granite works near Shap and Blue Rock quarry

Geological epochs and Steiner’s evolutionary pictures.

Visit to Mrs Somervell’s farm.

Slate quarry and mine

‘The Countenance of the Earth’ – Dr Steiner’s own evolution.

Rosicrucian knowledge of human readiness for supersensible knowledge – 

Annual meeting at Kendal, Lake District hosted by Mrs Somervell

Star and Furrow twice yearly – spring/autumn – editor mrs charles Davy

Secretary’s letters five times per year

BDAA sec, Clent Cottage

Vivian Griffiths wrote:

Betty Somervell … hosts The Experimental Circle at Plumgarth her home near Kendal as wife of The Director of K Shoes. Her Cumbria influence on Camphill and Biodynamics was strong. There is much to Mrs Somervell – friend of Dr Konig who helps with all the immigration procedures with the Camphill founders and billets some of the Vienna Youth Group in Lake District Houses of friends in 1939 – Carlo Pietzner being an example. Plumgarth becomes an ever open door for rest and refreshment for Camphill pioneers.
She offers her farm at Crook near Bowness to Camphill in 1963 – deemed unsuitable & Delrow bought instead. Betty Somervell goes to help Ann Harris begin this reception centre and community near London (a distressed property – girl’s school -next to the M1), lasts 6months!!
The Somervell family had a Biodynamic Farm in nearby Kentmere in the 1950s (see 1955 Star and Furrow) which might have brought The Experimental Circle to Westmorland!