George Corrin

David Clement – 

It was Carl who invited George Corrin to attend a Circle Conference. I shall always remember how, at the end of the conference, he got up and thanked the Circle for inviting him, saying his life would never be the same again. George, a very intelligent man, had opted out of “civilisation” and lived on a small holding with his wife in mid-Wales saying he wanted to bring up his children on healthy foods and true human values. On Carl’s moving up to Camphill Scotland and later becoming one of the pioneers of Botton Village, we asked George if he would be our consultant; so began a long and most fruitful collaboration.


“Visits to Clent around Michaelmas are mostly involved with making the B.D. preparations for which I have been responsible for around twenty-five years. In this work the greatest praise must go to Miss Joey Williets for all her help in the actual making of the preparations and her careful dispatch of them. In the last few years Tim Clement has spared time from farm work to make preparations for Broome Farm and assist with those for members. Other friends have assisted in gathering the plants – the man-hours involved in this operation are quite astronomical. This year, I travelled down to Cornwall where great drifts of valerian grow along the banks of the river Camel. I had a large mincing machine, which I had converted to electrical drive with an old washing – machine motor, and a fruit press in the back of the Escort. I spent two mornings with Marjorie and John Soper, and John’s sister picking the flower heads and in the afternoon and evening extracting the juice. I have seen no similar expanses of valerian in Worcestershire, Shropshire or Powys.”
George Corrin 1979