George Bacchus

1902 - 1966


… Yes that was my father and I was born that year in May. We had a house on a cousin’s farm in Horley, Surrey just off the northern end of Gatwick Airport.

He and my mother married in Hasting New Zealand in mid December 1938 then hopped on a ship to England where he had been offered employment as the advisor for Biodynamic farming and Gardening in Great Britain. As soon as the War broke out Biodynamic farming was banned and all farms had to use chemicals including nitrogen. Urea was also used in heavy doses to make farm fields into fighter plane runways. One good dose of urea soon had the soil as hard as a roadway. My father then had to become a farm laborer. We returned to New Zealand in early 1947 or late 1946 on a ship called the ‘”Rangitiki” In September 1947 we bought a farm in Wharepoa, about half way between Paeroa and Thames. It is now about an hour and a quarter drive south east of Auckland.

George Rudolf Bacchus born 11th April 1902 in Sydney. Died Thames Hospital in November 1966. I can not recall the exact date at present….

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