Full Introduction to Enzo Nastati’s work

 Can we use Dr Steiner’s foundations of agriculture to understand and address modern issues:

  • Electromagnetic pollution 
  • Transgenic organisms 
  • Chemical residues 
  • Heavy-metal and hydrocarbon pollution 
  • Radioactivity 
  • The loss of humus 
  • The threat to bees 
  • Weakened plant strains 
  • Diseases and pests 
  • The looming water crisis 
  • Local effects of climate change … ?

Can we grow quality in quantity whilst improving our soils – and make it affordable?

What do the recent fundamental changes in the etheric world imply for agriculture?

Enzo Nastati of L’Albero della Vita has worked – successfully! – on these issues since 1976. His brief courses around the UK in 2007 made it clear we have an exceptional teacher grounded in practical work. Bring books and boots; we will study the land as well in the lecture room. It is highly recommended that you have at least read the ‘Agriculture Course’, and please have questions ready.