First Horn Manure made

Pfeiffer wrote that “In 1922 Rudolf Steiner described for the first time how to make the biodynamic preparations, simply giving the recipe without any sort of explanation – just ‘do this and then do that.’” It was Pfeiffer, with Ita Wegman and Günther Wachsmuth, who made and applied this first batch of Preparation #500. Pfeiffer was one of a small circle of people entrusted with putting biodynamics into practice, to get as much land as possible under biodynamic care so that, in Steiner’s words, “in future everyone will be able to say, ‘We have tried it, and it works,’ even though some of these things may still seem strange right now.”

Gunther Wachsmuth and Pfeiffer, collaborators in the Biological Research Laboratory at the Goetheanum seem to have different memories of exactly what year this occurred. Creeger and Gardner decided to go with Wachsmuth and place this event a year earlier than Pfeiffer’s more familiar account so we have too.