ExpO N&C

  • Hugo Erbe’s preparations

In the 1950s when I was in Camphill Dr König invited Erbe to Camphill to speak about his wheat breeding program – resulting in Gelb Korn. Dr König was impressed but less so on his return to see Erbe’s farm and decided not to get involved. Katherine Castelliz wondered about the clay preparation (My own idea was to put clay = not potassium feldspar – into a cow’s rumen which the cow uses to send the cud back up…)…

  • Consecutive spraying of the preparations

In this hot dry spell KC followed in Hugh Courtney’s footsteps and sprayed all the preparations in a row … evening 1 CPP, 508 next morning, 500 that evening, 501 next morning – the day of full moon … 501 again that evening on root crops … and we got some un-forecast rain. A bit later I sprayed all the preparations together after a 1 hour stir. A bit of rain to compensate for the lack of dew 2 days later. Coincidence?

  • Food for thought

Musings on yarrow and cows