ExpO N&C – 12/2003

9 came to the annual meeting

  • The stars – Hazel Straker
  • Minutes of the Annual Meeting

Alan on Horn manure – see later. Change of name? to “The Biodynamic Development and Research Group” Perhaps these should be the last N&C under the name of the ExpO! Generally positive about the collective and consolidated Thursday visualisation. Plaque at the abbatoir to recognise the sacrifice of the animals. Frankie on Horn manure. Sue on Valerian. Annual Goetheanum theme. Yarrow preparation. Education re application of the preparations. Use of the Grange Kirkcaldy funding

  • Contributions on the Preparations I – Alan Brockman:501, Michale Bate: 502, Michael Atherton: peppers
  • Notes page
  • Letters to the food standards agency
  • Membership