ExpO Meeting

Held at Rudolf Steiner House on Sunday morning, September 9th. Several constructive proposals were put forward by members.

Dr. Mier undertook to prepare a questionnaire to be sent to all members so that there might be available an up-to-date file of their numbers, their whereabouts and their activities.

Special interest was shown in Mr. Stuttaford’s plan for the establishment of a demonstration Bio-dynamic farm and training school in the London area, if possible near the new Michael Hall premises. A small group of members arranged to meet and study the possibilities.

The question of the relationship between the Experimental Circle, the Agricultural Foundation and the other Bio-dynamic groups in this country was raised by Mr. George Adams. It was proposed that there should be a weekend of meetings in which the situation could be reviewed, including a meeting of Foundation members and an open meeting for all groups and individuals associated with the Bio-dynamic movement. This was provisionally arranged for the weekend of October 20-21. Since then it has been found necessary to postpone the Foundation meeting, but the Experimental Circle, and probably other informal groups interested in the agricultural work, will meet during the week-end. Notices will be sent out when arrangements are complete.