ExpO Conference

Plas Dwbl, 11-13 Nov 1996

  • Katherine Castelliz’s (laid low with shingles) welcoming letter read. Mary Haydon and Barbara Saunders Davies opened heart and home to us together with co-workers Keith and Jill, Nim and Wendy. It was from here that the Bluestones for Stonehenge were taken – locally called Greenstones!
  • How do we use the longing for minerals to become crystalline in January?
  • Hazel Straker pointed us to Michael Letters and Nature as wrought work that can only evolve through Mans love and creative activity – from creatures to co-creators.
  • Alan Brockman on Druid’s drawing out of the stones the sun wisdom: full moo, night and Winter aid materialisation – new moon, daytime an summer aid dematerialisation. Jan and Nov and 501.
  • Jimmy Anderson on the cows horns and incarnating (anticlockwise) and clockwise (incarnation) spirals.
  • Keith Skipper lead a farm walk. 60 young people had been trained at Plas Dwbl over the years with 3 months to a year stay.
  • Business – KC asked to stay on as vice-chair and Frankie vd stock – the rising generation. Alan Brockman as Chair. Sue Bradley continuing as secretary.
  • Unanimously agreed to reunite with the research group
  • “Membership of the Experimental Circle is open to all those working with and active in Biodynamics who can contribute and feel responsible for the Biodynamic work.”
  • Karin Herms: how elementals experience human activity. The Grange Camphill is unfortunately place in this regard
  • Mathias Guepin spoke about further insight in the preparations by relating them to the human body.
  • Pauline Anderson: farm as individuality – the unravelling of the plant in digestion. The manure tells the gnomes with bacteria should be brought about to balance it.