ExpO and BDA

Newsletter 7 April 1957

The following statement is in reply to questions which have reached us from time to time with regard to the relationship of the Experimental Circle to the Bio-Dynamic Agricultural Association.

In the discussions recorded at the end of the Agriculture Course: Dr. Steiner expresses his deep satisfaction that the professional farmers attending his lectures had agreed to work together as an Experimental Circle. The objects of the Circle were to work out in practice the guiding lines given in the Course, and to keep the Natural Science Section at Dornach informed of the results obtained under the different conditions on the members’ separate farms. Dr. Steiner also gave the Circle the responsibility of seeing that the contents of the Agriculture Course were presented to the world at a proper time and in a proper manner.

In a similar way “The Experimental Circle of Anthroposophical Farmers and Gardeners in the English Speaking Countries” constitutes a channel through which these workers can keep in touch with the Natural Science Section at the Goetheanum and other workers on the continent.

The fact that the Agriculture Course is now more widely read, does not discharge the members of the Experimental Circle from the duty of guarding the integrity of its contents.

One of the main concerns of our Experimental Circle is a deepening of the knowledge of Anthroposophy, particularly as applied to Agricultuire and to provide, as far as possible, a background of informed opinion to the Bio-Dynamic Association. Its scope is wide and the work it does depends, naturally, on what individual Members are able to do. It holds one or two Conferences a year.

It will be seen from this that those joining the Circle do so for what they can contribute, rather than for what they can receive. It is recommended that anyone wishing to become a member should first attend one or two meetings as a guest, then if full membership is desired, application to become a member should first be made in writing and sponsored by two members

David Clement.