ExpO Meeting

A report of “Experimental Circle of Anthroposophical Farmers and Gardeners in Great Britain and other English Speaking Countries” dated 23 September 1946.

Discussion of the Fifth Archangel Lecture (13th October 1923)… how concretely we should, as farmers, take Rudolf Steiner’s teaching of the Hierarchies …. no doubt that we can never hope to understand the Agriculture Course without taking into account the whole of Anthroposophy …. mans soul attitude has an effect upon Nature … Of all the discussion we have held, this one lends itself least to a summing up or makes easy the selection of salient points … discussion of how to work with the preparations in tropical countries … October 2-7 conference.

Third session on peppers in lecture 6 … using forces for destruction! … the only true protection is moral improvement … little practical experience because the pepper only works efficiently where the whole neighbourhood is treated … four year cycle … constellations for insects … Venus inScorpio for warm-blooded creatures … 1947 dates given … for plants the moon is mentioned … the discussion showed very clearly how differently we approach these problems. Some of us had very great difficulties with this sixth lecture and did not feel justified in making us e of the ‘practical’ advice given by Steiner. Mrs Mann doing experiments on eelworms in Chrysanthemums … balance the damp by encouraging sun and sir through hoeing and preps 503, 505 and 507 and application of silica just before full moon.

It is proposed to issue translations, summaries and reprints of articles, experiments etc for the 21 years of the experimental circle as “Study Material” designed in the first place for members of the Circle.

Since the last meeting was held and the 6th Report issued, Frau Marie Steiner and the Natural Science Section at the Goetheanum have decided to lift the restrictions hitherto imposed on the distribution of this Course and to make it available like other lecture Cycles. This decision will have important repercussion upon the future work of our Circle, and we shall have to discuss this very fully at he Conference in October.

CA Meir – honourable secretary – Warminster Wilts