England Herself

The book describes the work of reconstruction on an agricultural estate in Wessex, which was developed out of a semi-derelict countryside in the period between the two wars. The chapter on forestry is a reprint of an article in the Quarterly Journal of Forestry. The author contends that the forestry, agriculture and rural activities of a district should be co-ordinated in co-operative estates each based on the manor. The needs of farms and rural industries for timber can be met from a plenitude of woods, belts and spinneys which are easily managed by a landowner with a trained woodlands staff, but are very expensive to administer departmentally. The planting of vast blocks of commercial forests on a national plan for creating national timber reserves or for other reasons is justifiable; but much of this work could be delegated to properly organized estates, which would ensure that agricultural needs were succoured, not violated.

KEYWORDS: Co operatives village \ Estate woodlands \ Land use \ Private forestry \ UK \ forest policy \ UK

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