Bray Laboratory opened

After members of the English Experimental Circle met at Bray Dr Wachsmuth “showed in serious words how necessary it is in the sense of Michael to work in such laboratories and gave us the wishes of the Goetheanum for our way with Dr Steiner’s words he gave as grace:

The Plant seeds are quickened in the night of the Earth, the green herbs are sprouting through the might of the air, and all fruits are ripened by power of the sun.┬áSo quickens the soul in the shrine of the heart, so blossoms spirit power in the light of the world, so ripens man’s strength in the glory of God.”

Herr Pfeiffer gave us practical advice and help – the first experiments have started. “They go in the direction to come to a practical knowledge about the Etheric World, to show the influence of the Etheric Formative Forces on agriculture, to study the effect of our biological dynamic preparations in a scientific way.” Not cheap.