BDA Council 9-46

BDA Council 6/1946

The Farmers Club, 3 Whitehall Court

Present: Miss Cross, Lady McKinnon, Mr Rolf Gardiner (Chair)

Apologies: Misters Ferguson, Murray-Usher and Maude

  • Letter from Dr Pfeiffer referring to Mrs Kolisko’s book and the opening of the Agriculture Course
  • Letter from Mr Duffy re arrangements for aBio-dynamic trade mark ‘Dynamic’. Council to cooperate with this
  • Mr Gardiner to contact Lord Northbourne and Lord Portsmouth re the further work of the BDA
  • Article to Mother Earth the Soil Association magazine re Dr Pfeiffer’s attitude to agriculture.
  • Miss Cross suggested that Herr Wachsmuth should be invited over in May of next year. Possibly a weekend with ‘young farmers’ to instruct them about BD.
  • Dr Pfeiffer’s request for a research fund should be deferred to a full council meeting – perhaps in October