BDA Council 9-43

BDA Council 4/1943

Room 7 at the Caxton Hall, Caxton Street SW1

Present: Miss Cross, Lady MacKinnon, Mr Rolf Gardiner, Mr Murray-Usher (elected at AGM of June 22), and Mr Ferguson (Chair)

Mr W H Collison absent for illness

  • Finances for publishing EP’s book came from Lady MacKinnon’s private fund and so should be repaid to her.
  • Mr Maude of Belgarde Castle, Eire might be the one for a public broadcast
  • Only 1000 copies of the Fair Garden Plot were ordered.
  • Newsheet guides 15 and 16 to be printed together
  • Death of Mr Bourlose Mathews deeply regretted – an editorial to be penned.
  • Finances
  • A list of members to be circulated
  • Mr G Bacchus to be kept in contact
  • Communications with Dr Pfeiffer
  • An English edition of BD Farming and Gardening, Faber and Faber perhaps interested.
  • A questionnaire – deferred