BDA Council 7-49

BDA Council 3-48

105 Great Russel Street London WC1

Present: Rolf Gardiner (Chair), Mr R E Raab,  Miss Cross. Miss Savoury, Miss Fisher 

Apologies: Miss Thornton due to sudden illness 

  • Rules changed so treasurer need not be at meetings
  • 4 New members accepted
  • Due to Lady Mabel MacKinnon’s illness her family would be glad if HIgh Quarry ceased to be a information centre, and preparations and literature housed elsewhere. Miss Cross took these on. Could Weleda be a preparation maker and distributor? Mr Raab to investigate with the other directors of Weleda UK.
  • Dr Pfeiffer’s visit: – not before October 6th rendering the Chairs programme moot as Mr Gardiner had appointments abroad
  • Mr Gardiner to report on organic farming at Springhead.