BDA Council 4-43

BDA Council 4/1943

Room 7 at the Caxton Hall, Caxton Street SW1

Present: Miss Cross, Lady MacKinnon, Mr G Bacchus, Mr W H Collison (Chair) and Mr Ferguson

  • Co-opted Mr Murray-Usher [?] of Murrayton, Gatehouse of Fleet until the next AGM
  • Type taken down by printers for some of the previous newsheets
  • Fair Garden Plot – would be £80 per 1000 copies to print. Cost of book to be 3/6. 2000 copies to be ordered
  • Publishing account has a balance of £55-5-2 at the end of 1942
  • Balance in the account of £145-18-7. Some to go to publishing for book and next Newsheet (#13)
  • MR Saunders-Davies has resigned from the Chair owing to pressure of work, Mr Ferguson to be Chair until the AGM
  • AGM necessary to elect officers and council members
  • AGM date: June 22 at Caxton Hall. Business first, then open to short papers and free discussion. 15 mins max for speakers
  • Notice of AGM to farmer’s weekly, The Farmers and `stock Breeders, The Small Holder. 
  • Letters: Broadcasts … Maye Bruce: nothing to be done since Dr Steiner’s work was not called into question… Mr Duffy of Home Farm Clent short of preparations due to demand. Lady Mackinnon gsend some of surplus form Information centre A. What should she charge? No charge!
  • Practical `guide being reviewed by Dr Pfeiffer. Should be published as a book