BDA Council 6-49

BDA Council 3-48

105 Great Russel Street London WC1

Present: Rolf Gardiner(Chair), Mr R E Raab,  Miss Cross. Miss Savoury, Hon Secretary 

Apologies: Mr HGC Maude, Mr Thomas, Miss Fisher and Mrs Dean

  • Arising: neither Mrs Murray Usher or Mr Thomas were able to accept the invitation to speak at the AGM and the invitation to Dr Marion was revoked. Mr Gardiner had consented to give a talk. Dr Pfeiffer unable to come to the UK before September. Dr Pfeiffer suggested a special meeting of the Association and perhaps a conference or demonstration during his visit. Fundraising necessary (he offers a £25 primer). Seek help from Faber and Faber. Rough itinerary sketched out including Lord Norhtbourne’s, Haughley, Albrington Head etc.
  • 4 membership applications accepted
  • Balance down to £66. £10 to go to Frua Riese visit organised by the AAF. This year’s spending double the income!