BDA Council letter 1942

BDA Council hiatus 4/1942

A 2 page ‘Secretary’s Report’ was put in the minutes book dated April 1942 on B-D A headed paper and the address of the Hon Secretary as High Quarry, Crockham Hill, Edenbridge, Kent – Tel Crockham Hill 313 presumably Lady Mackinnon.

It refers to the last meeting being April 1940 just before the AGM. Then there was a short report of the work of ┬áthe Association in News Sheet No 11. “This report therefore covers 1940 and 1941 for the benefit of the Council of the Association. There are no sensational events to be recorded …. “

Steady increase in interest – articles in the Spectator and The Countryman, books – especially BioDynamic Farming and Gardening, leading to letters of enquiry. Information is sent out by leaflets. 139 enquirers and 39 new members. Many others are receiving preparations and advice. BDA in touch with workers in NZ, Australia and South Africa and Tauf [?]. NZ and Australia have centre of their own. Preps in bulk to Cape … war conditions have hindered the development of the BD work, especially on large farms where the owners have sometimes had to conform wit heh requirements of the War Agricultural Committees. Tow or three young farmers who had started work on a few acres have not been allowed to continue… the essential need to he Association is an official advisor on the absence of Dr Pfeiffer to prevent mistakes and disappointment … some help from Mr Harking (?) of E hating farm … Dr Pfeiffer’s BioDynamic Farming and Gardening is now on the shelves of 40 libraries and is health with by more than 40 wholesalers … through the kindness of Miss Harrison and Miss Johnston Sirll [??] a small fund hs enabled send Bio-Dynamic Farming and Gardening to 7 libraries gratis… The thanks of the Council are due to Mr Gill for arranging to send printed matter abroad as we are not allowed to do so … permission has now been received fo the preparations to be sent to Eire without duty ..”