BDA Council 2-51

BDA Council 12-50

105 Great Russel Street London WC1

Present: Miss Savary (chair), Mr Dew, Mr Jeffries and Miss Thornton 

Apologies: Miss Cross

  • Arising: Mr Maudes letter of Dec 20th re disposal of BDA funds was read
  • All funds to be transferred to new joint body
  • Mr Jeffries proposal fully discussed and agreed as follows_
  • – all liabilities to be met including publications
  • – £30 be paid to Miss Cross to provide forth-coming New Sheet fo all members of new. joint body
  • – balance of funds to be transferred to the new joint body, which we are a part of, with first claim on them for the News Sheet. Mr Dew Presented a Statement of Account for 1950 showing cash at bank of £92-2-11. Also with the Post Office savings account this would be about £210. Statement to be audited. Honorary secretary paid £64 as honorarium fees and expenses. All accounts to be closed and balance transferred
  • All papers to be dealt with at Council’s discretion or destroyed
  • Bio-Dynamic Trust limited had an uncertain future. Any liabilities involved in winding it up in excess of the trust funds to be dealt with as above.