BDA Council 1-47

BDA Council 1/1947

Farmers Club, Whitehall Court, London

Present: Lady McKinnon, Mr Rolf Gardiner (Chair), Mr Ferguson

Apologies: Mr Maude and Mr Murray Usher

  • Representatives of the various BD organisations to meet this afternoon at the Farmers Club to discuss the possibility of legal protection of the biodynamic preparations and products with lawyers. Is protection necessary? What form would it take?
  • Mr Duffy’s Dinamic trade mark: when can it be used? Can we protect against its misuse? Does it protect the sale and making of the preparations?
  • MR A G Knight of Hillingdon Heath to be invited to join the council for confirmation at the 7th AGM (May 14th)
  • Price of preparations should be the same for all members
  • Dr PFeiffers research fund left in abeyance
  • Lord Northbourne agreed to do a review of Soil Fertility for Mother Earth
  • Mr Gardiner confirmed the offer of a Springhead meeting from July 11th to 14th 1947 for memebers
  • MR Thomas had been interviewed as his fathers house Southwick and he would stay to turn the gardens biodynamic. He will do visits and fee question also in abeyance. He is ready and willing to train a long person in BD.
  • Mrs Mann works with Mr Knight in his market garden. She came and would lecture to German PoWs in their camp
  • A letter to Sir Albert Howard was read

NB – on same day Dr Pfeiffer wrote to Gladys MacKinnon