Steiner House

20 members present at Steiner House London in ‘very doubtful weather’.

Mr Rulni’s calendar published in full after Mrs Geuter’s translation and George Corrin’s transcription.

Mr Mansfield thanked and wished well in his new role at Weleda.

Treasurer: heads just above water. Not sending separate receipts for cheques due to postal cost. Remember Deeds of Covenant if possible please.

A drive for advertisements in Star and Furrow – but advertisers want a wider circulation. More instructive and informative literature needed. Yes and plans in hand but lack of translators is a burden.

Mrs Geuter and Colonel AA Henbury Sparrow were elected.

Furthering the work of the association depended on the initiative of the individuals – study groups and slide shows.

George Corrin instructed on the use of the Rulni calendar.

George Corrin ┬áspoke of various continental methods for compost making – an illustrated talk – including machines for stirring the preparations for larger properties