British School Stroud

Tyll van de Voort (Chair), Ann Parsons (Minutes), Cecily Reilly (Hon Treasurer), Jimmy Anderson (Fieldsman), Olga Holbeck (SnF), Pauline Anderson, Alan Brockman, Richard Evans, Bernard Jarman, Anthony Mathews, Michael Newton, Julian Pyzer.

We have a computer! 13 resignations, 26 lapses, 3 deaths, 110 new members.

Been to IFOAM and SAFE alliance meetings which BDAA joined

Treasurer: a deficit was probed. Mainly investment that could end up recouping those loans. Not auditing is just a technicality but all arithmetic is checked and all entries frisked

Elections: Jo Bradley, Anthony Mathews, Julian Pyzer and John Carver all proposed and elected from the floor.

~Becoming harder to ge horns through informal arrangements. Can get them from Africa, Kilmarnock and perhaps Bradford. Perhaps we can go official since our needs are essential. A humane Slaughter Association could be asked.

BDAA in Ireland announced with an inaugural meeting on 19th September 1991 at Dunshane, Co Kildare – 40 people in attendance, followed bu a chat from Manfred Klett. Best wishes sent.