Steiner House, London

[DRAFT minutes – incomplete and poor spelled!]

Chair: Hugh Fynes-Clinton and Marjory Soper had passed on. Much unheralded work going on eg the work groups.

Pat MacManamon as organising secretary: IBIG at Emerson College with Manfred Klett. Then trip to Dornach for the February Conference. Tow training courses for apprentices – Emerson (soil) and Botton (plant). Richard Smith did one in Devon Pat attended. Also new leaflets in use, one by Katherine Castelliz. Comments on the news logo please. Proposed manual by Sattler and Wistinghausen. SnF now on recycled paper! BDAA and Mercury Provident forming a revolving fund. Hungary lane to be an early beneficiary. Botanic centre in Middlesbrough, Sharpham Barton in Devon, Hungary Lane, SA training committee and Emerson College apprentices training scheme.

Jimmy Anderson fieldsman report: 37 holding either demeter or in conversion. Also 3 processors. Too much BD produce imported but all in all up 2x. Tadeo Caldas of  the Rural Development Project wants to form a tropical producers certification scheme. 43 Demeter offices around the world. Registered with IFOAM and applying for UKROFS. Stirring machine increasing acreage of field sprays. Perhaps in other parts of the UK?

Treasurer: Adrian Parsons of Hon assistant treasurer and subscription up to £25.

Council: Anthony Mathews, Julian Pyzer and Richard Smith stood down. Alan Brockman, Paul van Midden, Michael Newton, Tyll van de Voort and Charles Wannop elected to the vacancies

 BDA took on 51% of Caradoc Ltd.. Prep making complicated by BSE and Salmonella. GO via Wye College to approach the ministry.

EGM opened: Julian Pyzer and 4th Trustee? Chair not re-elected more than 3 times consecutively? Joachim thanks on behalf of the Council for his forward looking work as Chair in the last two years.