Rudolf Steiner House with 30 members including Mildred Kirkcaldy and her daughter Pam Jackson.

Chairs report: Extra EGM (of July 1986 at Emerson) had changed the year end to July 31st and name of BDAA changed to include the Demeter Guild if necessary. Trust to be dissolved and absorbed into the BDAA – now legally possible. Proper notice and 2/3rd majority would be necessary. Grange Kirkaldy Trust had a £10,00 start and £10,000 added from the Michael Wilson Charitable Trust – to further bio-dynamic work in all possible ways.

Resignation of George Corrin after 30 years friendship: 2 heart attacks. George said none of the things that had upset him had been put right. Concern and discussion and appreciation. Need improved communication and sharing of information and for the new initiatives from David Adams.

Fieldsman. Jimmy Anderson (absent ill) had built up useful connections. A useful £2000 retainer to link famers. Barbara Saunders Davies wondered if he had sufficient background in BD? Connecting to information rather than providing information. Fieldsman – not an advisor. 

Secretary’s report wanted. Apologies.

Treasurer: Martin Wood again absent (should we get another person?) so presented by David Adams said that the accountants were satisfied with the books. Accounts acceptance postponed to EGM (July 6th at Emerson. Accounts agreed.)

Joachim Grundman, Tim Clement, Andrew Carnegie and John Twine elected to vacancies.

Demeter: 8 sites now certified. 2 more in the queue.


Irmfried Neuman: “Small Holder Agriculture in Africa” re his work in Rwanda