Rudolf Steiner House with 40 members

Chairs report: Pleased with the work of the new Secretary David Adams. New life and a secure future. Good to have George here after his illness. Grange Kirkcaldy (charitable) Trust set up for all aspects of the biodynamic work – £10,000 as help for training (bursary and loans), instruction, farms and research work. Trustees: Mrs Kirkaldy, Pam Jackson and D Clement.

Treasurer: Martin Wood again absent so presented by David Adams. £100 loss but in the year coming up George Corrin drawing 50%, subscription income should increase, business side up. Trust assets artificially high and accounts need to be.  OK with Charity commission. Patricia MacManamon, Michael Newton and Jimmy Anderson elected, not Bill Thomas and Richard Evans.

Demeter: £3000 of the £8000 needed to register the trademark, so enough to begin the process.

HDRA want a BD garden at Ryton – up to half an acre, David Adams to clarify and George Corrin to set up rotation. No comparisons for 6 years and then on quantity and quality

Trip to Germany approved – D Adams to organise

Summer conference: Quality (Bolk Institute) or Landscaping (Arne Klingbourg)

Seeds. Georg Wilhelm Schmidt will be at Emerson in January for 2 weeks.


Michael Duveen: “Agriculture in New Zealand”