Rudolf Steiner House with 30 members

Chairs report: Secretary wants to resign when a candidate comes forward. David Adams in the temporary capacity from February to May as the Fyfe-Clintons are in South Africa. Mrs Carole Biggs will assist. A successful visit to BD centres in Holland as described in SnF. Another to Germany in 1986? 1200 copies of Biodynamic Gardening sold – thanks John Soper for donating. Another run of the Agriculture Course printed, selling about 500 pa. Reprinted Lievegoed’s ‘Working of the Planets’ Chair met Alex de Podolinskey (sic) and there was an Australian film available to private audiences. Ginnie Mayall has set up an organic foods distribution centre in London. Steve Naumann wants more support for greentop milk. Thanks to Olga and George.

Treasurer – again absent  – submitted a report. Last years had a copying error, not an auditing error. Slight subscription fall. Publications very important. Deeds of Covenants again.

Council: nominations for Brockman, Castelliz, Johnathan Bradley elected due to four vacancies.

Membership? Demeter Standards – too strict rules? ‘Demeter’ and ‘biodynamic’ not the same thing – the first a certification, the latter can be used by anybody, a descriptive term. Demeter rules to be clarified in the next SnF

Conference: Hawkwood July 5th 1985. Conferences in Emerson and Scotland? Last conference was “Healing for Earth and Man” – stimulating and interesting for those who attended.

New Publications: Planetary Influences on Plants – EM Kranich, Maria Thun’s ‘Working with the Stars’ and 2 lunar calendars.

A brief report on the Rural Development Programme including a report of work in the Dominican Republic.

Membership: at September 30th 1983 – 634 members. 50 new and 59 left: 40 lapsed, 8 died, 11 resigned.  lot of time spent chasing up restrictions.


Ralph Twentyman: “Food, Poison and Medicine.”