BDA – AGM #3

  • Pfeiffer & popplembaum elected Hon. Members.
  • Pfeiffer 1st official advisor.
  • BDA Trust to be formed

“The following year (1940) the Bio-Dynamic Association lamented that “the conditions of war have made it impossible to hold meetings or to arrange conferences and lectures”. They nevertheless proclaimed that “the knowledge of the bio-dynamic methods has steadily spread” (BDA, 1941a, p.11). At the Third Annual General meeting of the BDA (20 April 1940): “The Chairman expressed his regret at the absence of Dr. Pfeiffer who had been unable to obtain a French transit visa for his journey from Dornach” (MacKinnon, 1941, p.4). The proposal that “Dr. Pfeiffer should be appointed official adviser to the Association” was “unanimously adopted” (p.4).”

John Paull