Rudolf Steiner House with 40 members

Membership pretty constant but increasing costs. Good SnF start by Miss Holbek. Need articles on Goats, Bees, Farm Woodland, and Gardening in Schools. Appreciated George Corrin’s work in the Bulletin for the past 20 years.

Treasurer unable to attend due to business commitments so Hugh Fynes-Clinton. Still searching for extra funds. Anderson, Brockman, Budd, Castelliz and Saunders-Davies re-elected.

Annual conference for 81 at Hawkwood in July 10-12: ‘Biodynamics and the Community’. Asse Koepf, Klett, Brockman, Evans and someone from Camphill. For the futures perhaps “Animals in the Biodynamic Farm”and “Etheric Formative Forces”.

More about exhibitions.


Mathias Guepin: “The World Future of Bio-dynamics”