Rudolf Steiner House with 45 members

Outstanding membership down from 100 to 60. Miss Olga Holbek would be the New editor of Star and Furrow as Mrs Soper wished to give up the role and received the Chair’s thanks for her efforts. The would work on the next issue jointly. Major Grange Kilcaldy had died – probably the oldest member and had been a great help. All his biodynamic affairs bequeathed to the Association.

Finances: not great! £1000 outstanding, the majority from the Rudolf Steiner Press. Some legacies in. Could prep sales be increased? Also Pfeiffers compost starter? More members?

Mssrs Clement, Soper and von Freden were re-elected

Annual conference 1981 since 1980 already sorted for July 4-6. Options – ‘Farm as centre for land-based community’, ‘The influence of the stars in Field and Garden’, ‘the Future of bio-dynamic Garden’,’Agriculture adn the Threefold order.’

Should we take part in exhibitions.

Rural Development Programme at Emerson. Mr Freedman asked to talk to the members – a programme for showing the viability of BD methods in the third world. 5 students in the first year.


Richard Smith of Leeds University: “Man and His Environment”