Rudolf Steiner House with 40 members

Minutes of the `Extraordinary Meeting of July 9th 1978 (for increased subscriptions to £10) read and signed following the Chairs letter to the membership.

The Chair honoured the retiring Secretary for his Stirling work since 1960. Mr Soper said it had been like a new life for him and in turn thanks his wife for her support and hospitality. Mrs Pearce appreciated his book ‘Studying the Agriculture Course’. The Chair welcomed the Fynes-Clintons and talked of the new offices. Finally he welcomed Martin Wood as the new treasurer.

Mr Wood thought the re had been a good response to the new subscription rates.

Mr Nottrot was not seeking reelection due to the pressure of work but forwarded Mr J Durrel who was accepted. Mrs Molly Courtney, A Kaye and G Shepherd were all re-elected.

Conference 1979: “Health Nutrition and Agriculture” seemed best. An anthroposophical or Homeopathic doctor might address the conference.

A great wind away from chemical agriculture towards a biological approach. Even Pershore was heading that way. George Corrin stressed that we must really know what we mean when we speak about BD. Careful of ‘semi-organic’!

The members introduced themselves.

Mrs Meir thought someone should o to the Dornach meetings.


Mr Jesse Darrel: “Mans Responsibility to the Earth.”