Rudolf Steiner House

David Clements in the Chair welcomed 30 members.

Increasing interest in our work (12 new members since September!) particularly amongst the youth. The demand for placements on farms to learn the practical application was impossible to meet.

1972 Conference: Aiming for Dr Petterson from Sweden to address “Farming for Quality”.

Mr Rudel spoke on experimental work. A lot of energy wasted for  little result. No specific alternatives. J Ansderson asked and was told the aim of the experiments was to help BD growers rather than to convince the outside world. Work on weed peppers now being undertaken in earnest. 

Reply to K C Stubbs; potentised 501 was being used successfully on the continent and work would be done in the coming year on this.


Mr Nesfield-Cookson: a comprehensive and inspiring lecture on “The Relevance of Goethe’s View of Nature for the Present Day.”